Mark Nicholson Copywriting

Mark Nicholson Copywriting

Barn-Wyn, Marazanvose, Truro, UK



Last updated on April 8, 2019

Mark is an industrial copywriter with specialisms in engineering and manufacturing.
If you need persuasive copy to sell products such as ball bearings, paint or glue, Mark’s your man!

His most riveting subject areas include forklift trucks, logistics, batteries, generators, power tools and wastewater treatment.
He covers web pages, blog posts, press releases, e-shots, technical literature, brochures and all other kinds of promotional material.

Mark’s client base is a mix of local, UK and international companies, including a number of large global brands.
Working mainly through marketing agencies, under non-disclosure agreements, he can’t claim credit publicly for much of his output.
The following samples were created directly with clients.


Cat Lift Trucks
Magazine article on safety barriers
Wascle (waste clearance)
SP Civil Design
Richard Pearce Furniture and Woodwork
Shiny Happy Cars
Blog post