Recomended: Mother’s Boy by Patrick Gale

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Now that the horror of COVID is leaving us we have re-launched our book club as a bi-monthly book selection with group discussions at our meetup location in Penryn, and our online group for those living outside of the area.

Our selection for April / May is…

Mother’s Boy by Patrick Gale

This is Patrick Gale’s seventeenth novel and his first fully historical book since A Place Called Winter.

It is based on the known facts of the boyhood and youth of the great Cornish poet, Charles Causley and the life of the mother who raised him singlehandedly.

Mother’s Boy is the story of a man who is among, yet apart from his fellows, in thrall to, yet at a distance from his own mother; a man being shaped for a long, remarkable and revered life spent hiding in plain sight. But it is equally the story of the dauntless mother who will continue to shield him long after the dangers of war are passed.

416 page
Tinder Press
1 Mar. 2022

Available from

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